ASX stock review Jun 2023

ASX stock review Jun 2023

Top ASX stocks picked in May and Jun 2023 performance to end 26/06/2023 is 181.5% that is majority contributed by AZS AZURE MINERALS LIMITED rocketed 181.5%. All other stocks just break even. If porfolio excludes TSK TASK GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITEDD down 21%, the list will turn red into black.

List of 9 stocks

#TRACKSectorCode26-Jun-23BoughtCap (M)PENowProfit
124-May-23Non-Energy MineralsKILKILAND LTD1.981431.97-0.3%
224-May-23Non-Energy MineralsLLLLEO LITHIUM LIMITED0.8090414.381.0835.8%
329-May-23TechWTCWISETECH GLOBAL LIMITEDD74.6324,766107.7777.283.6%
429-May-23TechNXTNEXTDC LIMITEDD12.957,163012.30-5.0%
529-May-23TechTSKTASK GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITEDD0.5619800.44-21.4%
629-May-23TechSMPSMARTPAY HOLDINGS LIMITEDD1.6036901.54-3.8%
71-Jun-23Non-Energy MineralsAZSAZURE MINERALS LIMITED0.541831.52181.5%
81-Jun-23CommunicationsTUATUAS LIMITED1.847651.913.8%
91-Jun-23Consumer ServicesMADMADER GROUP LIMITED5.671,08435.354.95-12.7%

Performance and charts of these 9 stocks


  • Should avoid down trend stock
  • Good news publiced, stock plummeted

TSK announced profit over prediction on 29/05, then stock went down after that

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