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WA1 Resources

WA1 overview

WA1 Resources Ltd is a mineral development in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Its projects include West Arunta, Madura, and Hidden Valley.

Key project is West Arunta Project in Western Australia of drill niobium dioxide. Niobium improves battery performance via improved chargeability and stability.

Niobium has been identified as a critical mineral by a number of countries and is a key input to future global technology needs, with ferroniobium metal (65% Nb) selling for US$45,000/tonne.

Over 90% of the global supply of niobium is produced from only two operations in Brazil. A third mine in Canada comprises the final existing niobium mine globally. All three operations produce a ferroniobium end-product (~65% Nb) for direct application as a steel alloy with no further downstream processing required. In addition, niobium has exciting developing applications in the fast-growing green energy space.

Luni continues to demonstrate the potential to host a globally significant deposit of one of the world’s most critical raw materials.

Stock price movement bottoms & peaks

WA1 Resources shares soared 1529% between market close on 21 October and 18 November 2022 amid some announcements.

On 26 October 2022, WA1 Resources released drill results from the West Arunta Project in Western Australia.

The explorer revealed it had intersected with a mineralised carbonate system with highly elevated niobium, anomalous rare earth elements (REE), and phosphorous.

Key annoucements

Announcements around breakown 26/10/2022

02/11/2022Response to ASX Price and Volume Query $54:19pm
01/11/2022Trading Halt $212:37pm
01/11/2022Pause in Trading $112:08pm
01/11/2022Release From Escrow212:02pm
27/10/2022Corporate Presentation $179:37am
26/10/2022West Arunta Project – Discovery of a Mineralised Carbonatite $139:30am
24/10/2022Trading Halt $29:23am
19/10/2022September 2022 Quarterly Activities and Cash Flow Report $165:48pm

Updates support breakout 27/03/2023 and peak at 05/06/2023

29/06/2023West Arunta Project – Luni Assay Results $159:05am
05/06/2023West Arunta Project – Luni Assay and Mineralogy Results $158:22am
11/05/2023Institutional Placement $29:49am
03/05/2023Corporate Presentation $148:14am
01/05/2023West Arunta Project – Exceptional Luni Assay Results $1211:16am
28/04/2023Trading Halt $29:20am
24/04/2023March 2023 Quarterly Activities and Cash Flow Report $161:04pm
14/04/2023West Arunta Project – Luni Drilling Update $48:41am
05/04/2023West Arunta Project – Luni Drilling Update $79:28am
22/03/2023West Arunta Project – Commencement of Drilling $38:15am

Fool news

27 Oct 22 for breakout 26/10/22

3 ASX mining shares going gangbusters on Thursday

The WA1 Resources share price is also having a cracker of a Thursday, up 21.43% to 85 cents. Earlier today, the ASX mining share, which listed on the ASX in February this year, hit a new all-time high of 99 cents before partially retreating.

Like Koba Resources, WA1 also posted a company update to the market this morning, which included its first drill results in Western Australia.

The company discovered mineralised carbonate with significant yields of niobium. It also announced that it had drilled seven holes as part of its maiden drill program.

Further assay results are due for its P1 and Luni targets in the coming weeks.

1 Nov 22 for breakout 26/10/22

Why was this ASX mining share placed on ice after exploding 60% today?

  • The share price of this new mineral explorer soared another 60% today before entering a trading halt
  • The WA1 Resources share price has exploded more than 1000% in a month¬†
  • The miner is exploring critical metals for a clean energy future including niobium

WA1 Resources shares have soared an incredible 1374% from 13.5 cents each at market close on 21 October to the current share price of $1.99.

On Wednesday, the company released maiden drilling results from the West Arunta Project in Western Australia.

They showed significant mineralisation at drill hole PARC003. This included 54m at 0.62% niobium pentoxide, 0.18% total rare oxides, and 3.85% phosphorus pentoxide from 162 metres.

Managing director Paul Savich hailed the discovery as the first of its kind in the region.

On Thursday, WA1 Resources¬†released a corporate presentation¬†highlighting its focus on “essential metals for a clean energy future”. Niobium improves battery performance via improved chargeability and stability.

1 May 23 for bottom 27/03/23

ASX mining share is surging 30% on a potentially ‘globally significant deposit’

Management notes that drilling at Luni has quickly consolidated a shallow and extremely high-grade mineralised envelope by stepping out on a broad 200m spacing. This means that its confirmed high-grade niobium mineralisation now spans 400m north-south, 400m east-west and is open in all directions.

This is great news for the company given how few niobium mines there are globally and how demand is expected to increase for the critical raw material in the future.

The ASX mining share’s managing director, Paul Savich, commented:

Our reconnaissance drilling, along with detailed planning for other activities including resource definition and metallurgical test work, are ongoing with further assays due in the coming weeks.


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