WBT Weebit Nano

WBT Weebit Nano

Weebit Nano Ltd is a memory and semiconductor technology company. The company is engaged in developing and commercializing silicon oxide (SiOx) and Resistive Random-Access Memory (ReRAM) technology based on fabrication factory-friendly materials. Its products are used in various applications, such as in computers, consumer electronics, smartphones, tablets, enterprise storage, automotive infotainment and navigation systems, healthcare, wearables and Internet of Things (IoT).

Weebit Nano Ltd (ASX: WBT)

Weebit Nano is a public semiconductor IP company founded in Israel in 2015 and incorporated in Hod Hasharon, Israel, now headquartered in Sydney Australia. The company develops Resistive Random-Access Memory technologies which is a specialized form of non-volatile memory for the semiconductor industry. The company’s products are targeted at a broad range of NVM markets where persistence, performance, and endurance are all required. ReRAM technology can be integrated in electronic devices like wearables, Internet of Things endpoints, smartphones, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and 5G cellular communications, among other products. Weebit Nano’s IP can be licensed to semiconductor companies and semiconductor fabs. Initial productization began with embedded ReRAM products.



18/05/2022 Why has the Weebit Nano share price crashed 21% this week?

This seems to be a rather strange situation. Normally, when we see moves like those listed above (especially an 18% drop), the usual culprit is a bad earnings report or some other piece of decidedly negative news. But in Weebit Nano’s case, well, that is just not the case. There haven’t been any major announcements from the company in May at all so far.

However, this meme stock has started to catch the eye of short sellers with its sky high market capitalisation and lack of revenue. In addition, the company operates in a market which is dominated by tech giants with R&D budgets many times larger than the value of Weebit Nano.


No revenue and profit

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